For new adventurers and seasoned travelers alike, RV camping is an exciting way to explore the country with some of the comforts from home. Whether you are traveling to Tulsa or another popular spot, you must plan and prepare to have the most enjoyable trip.

Rent or Buying the Right Vehicle for You

The wrong sized rig can put a damper on RV camping in Tulsa. Too small makes travel uncomfortable, but too large can be overwhelming if you are not sure of your driving skills. Before purchasing or renting your motorhome, consider what size works best for your needs.

First, decide if you want to drive or tow your rig when RV camping. Towing typically requires a pickup truck, depending on the size of the trailer. The next decision to make is size. Both drivable and towable homes come in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

RV Camping: Driving your Home

The most popular drivable motorhomes are class A, C, and B. Class A rigs are a similar size to a school bus and offer the most space. For those who plan on RV camping full time, or have a larger family, Class A is a great way to go.

Based on size, Class C comes next. Though this option offers similar features as a class A, these vehicles are smaller, meaning you have more freedom to roam while on an RV camping trip. These vehicles work great for couples and small groups.

Last is class B, the most similar to a van, both in size and driving style. While class B offers the least amount of space, there are many neat options and conversions to make this rig feel as close to home as possible.

Towing your Trailer through Tulsa

A towable rig comes in different sizes as well. Fifth wheels are the largest, requiring a truck to pull it along. This option is spacious and very convenient, as you can leave the trailer at your campsite and take just your truck when traveling locally.

Those who want to bring golf carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, or other large items will find toy haulers to be the best solution. Toy haulers are built with a garage and ramps for loading gear, though they still have spacious living areas.

The next size down is the travel trailer. Like a fifth wheel, travel trailers can be left at your site while you drive your car elsewhere. The features of a travel trailer can vary greatly, depending on your needs or desires.

For those that want a weekend RV camping trip to Tulsa, teardrop trailers are a terrific, tiny option. However, do not let their size fool you. Some models can contain a wet bath, kitchen-dining area, and bed. This option is especially popular as part of the tiny home movement.

The final option for a towable rig is a popup camper. This option is a great halfway point between tent and RV camping. Along with sleeping space, many have a dining/kitchen area as well.

Once you have decided what to travel in, you are ready for the next step.

Decide where to go RV Camping

With your home on wheels, you can go anywhere! You can spend a night in Tulsa before moving on to another gorgeous town, or stay a few weeks. The most important things to pay attention to when planning your journey are the weather and availability of parks. It is not uncommon for parks to close down in the winter, especially in colder, snowy areas. For areas that do not require or accept reservations, this can lead to a few nights spent in parking lots until you find an open facility.

Another aspect to consider is the amenities offered at the sites you are considering. There is no need to overpay for amenities you will not use. For example, while electricity and water hookups are beneficial, a pool is unnecessary in cold weather. Along with this price factor, think about how much you are paying for a location. RV camping in the middle of Tulsa might cost more than a facility just a few miles outside of Tulsa. The price difference might be worth staying a few miles away, especially for those who can detach their vehicle.

Take What you Need, Leave What you Do Not

Even with a Class A or Fifth Wheel, there is only so much room for your things. Before you think about what extra items you might be able to squeeze, start with the essentials. Emergency equipment, including a flashlight, first aid kit, and sunscreen should be easily accessible in your motorhome. Do not forget your vehicle essentials either, from motor oil and jumper cables to toilet chemicals and electrical adapters. If you do leave some necessary equipment behind, do not worry! Many cities like Tulsa have many shops to pick up the missing essentials.

Kitchen and cooking supplies come next for homemade meals on the go, followed by clothes. Pay attention to the weather and pack your rain jacket, even if the skies seem clear. If you expect a variety of temperatures and climates on your RV camping trip, bring layers. Layers can be added and removed to fit your comfort level in Tulsa, with chilly mornings and warm afternoons.

After packing your toiletries and hiking gear, whatever room you have left is for the extra items that make your rig feel like a second home.

Take a trip to Tulsa and visit Riverview

First-time travelers and seasoned pros alike will find everything they need at Riverview RV Park. Located in Sand Springs, just a short drive from Tulsa, our grounds are perfect for any RV camping trip. We offer nightly, weekly, and monthly rates at an affordable price, and include a discount for Tulsa Welding students. Our facility is open year-round and includes comforting amenities like hot showers, self-service laundry, full hookups, and more.

For more information on RV camping with us and current COVID-19 precautions, visit us online or call us at (918) 245-8588.