RV Campsites Near TulsaWith the busy holiday season over, there is no better time for a trip to the great outdoors! Check out some of the RV campsites near Tulsa and book your first adventure of the season. First-timers and experienced travelers alike can have a great time while camping in late winter. Check out these tips below for the most enjoyable trip!

For Your First Motorhome Trip of the Year

If this is your first time pulling your motorhome out this year, there are a few extra steps to take to get your rig ready. Remember to take these steps before making renovations at one of the RV campsites near Tulsa. Nothing is worse than a last-minute cancellation due to problems with your home on wheels.

When you first pull your motorhome out of storage, start by inspecting the outside of the vehicle, including your tires. It is likely that your tires will deflate in storage, especially in cold weather. Ensure your tires are filled properly to avoid dangerous problems like a blowout. Check the rest of your vehicle’s exterior for issues like cracks, leaks, and rust, which can turn into costly problems if not taken care of soon enough.

There are other steps to take before hitting the road, including:

  • Flushing and sanitizing your water system, especially if you used antifreeze to keep the pipes safe over winter.
  • Replacing the propane tanks
  • Testing both propane and 120-volt appliances
  • Check your engine
  • and more

Make sure you are fully prepared before your trip, especially if you plan on traveling far from your home. The worst problems to have are those that were preventable!

For Your First Motorhome Trip Ever

If this is your first time taking a trip in a motorhome ever, you are in for an adventure! While tent camping works for many, the many RV campsites near Tulsa prove that taking your home on wheels is a popular option. Seeing what the country has to offer without having to leave behind your comforts is an incredible option to have!

If you are renting a camper or recently bought it, the tips above were likely completed before the keys were handed over. However, it never hurts to double-check your rig! In addition, here are some tips on having  a smooth first trip:

  • Start close to home. If you live in Georgia, stay in Georgia. Bookmark those RV campsites near Tulsa for the future!
  • Try to get a pull-through site. As you get more comfortable driving, you can branch out with your sites, but start simple!
  • Prepare for more chores than a hotel stay. There is more to set up than parking your vehicle!
  • Take your time and have fun. Certain aspects of a camping trip can feel stressful at first but will feel second nature after practice.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help! RV Parks are notorious for friendly campers who are happy to help newbies.

For an Unforgettable Outdoors Experience

Start by checking your packing list! No matter what the weather looks like, always bring a rain jacket, bug spray, and sunscreen. It is also a good idea to pack a few outfits for different types of weather, but do not go too crazy with your packing. Space in your home on wheels will be limited, so overpacking is not an option. Other essentials include a first-aid kit and a good pair of sneakers. Depending on where your destination is, other must-have items differ. A stay at one of the RV campsites near Tulsa calls for a mix of activewear and streetwear for days spent between hiking and wandering the city.

While this list from REI is a little more specific to tent camping, most items are also useful to have in your motorhome! Check this list out and personalize it for your best experience!

 Checking Out RV Campsites Near Tulsa

Not all RV campsites near Tulsa are the same. Overall, the biggest differences are location, amenities, and price. It is important to remember that a park in your destination city might be costlier than one just outside the city. Depending on the price difference, driving a few extra miles is worth it!

When it comes to the amenities offered at parks, be realistic about what you need or will use. Hot showers and laundry are great to have, though a movie theater or pool might not be worth the extra expenses.

Finally, check the seasons of the parks. Many places close during the winter months and might not reopen until early spring, meaning you will have to find another spot.

Come Stay With Riverview RV

Once your camper is ready to go and you packed to your comfort, and you have checked out the best RV campsites near Tulsa, it is time to make your reservation with Riverview RV! Our grounds are a short drive outside of the city and offer peaceful walking trails and a perfect view of the Arkansas River. We offer fully equipped pads and comforting amenities at a nightly, weekly, or monthly rate for all travelers. In addition, we provide a discount for Tulsa Welding students! Contact us online or at (918) 245-8588 for any questions or to make a reservation!