Autumn RV Camping

From breathtaking foliage to crisp, refreshing weather, there is no experience similar to Autumn RV camping. Sand Springs makes for a stellar destination, provided you and your camper are prepared for chilly weather.

Preparing Yourself for Autumn RV Camping

Cold weather camping is a pastime that not everyone is willing to try. Strong winds and low-temperature nights scare many away. However, with the right preparation, spending the fall and winter months in your motorhome is an adventure you will not forget, especially at destinations like Sand Springs.

While the benefits of autumn RV camping far outweigh the cons, you must get your home on wheels ready for the chilly weather. Ensure the insulation is functional, or install it if you do not have any. Double-check the seals on windows and doors. Consider installing RV skirting to keep damaging cold winds away from the essential pieces of your vehicle.

Also, make sure you understand the heating system in your motorhome and how to handle the water system in the event of a freeze. Though the chances are low, it is good to be prepared.

Pick the Right Campground for the Fall Weather

Besides in a few beachfront campgrounds in Florida and other states along the southern border, you will not find warm weather during your Autumn RV camping trip. Some states are already seeing lows between 30 and 40 degrees. The weather should not scare you away from these states, but it is crucial to keep in mind when selecting a campground. A beachfront site sounds nice, but a beachfront location in North Carolina leads to cold waters and low chances of swimming.

Even a campground with an amenity such as a pool can be pointless if it is cold and rainy out. Be conscious of where a site is located and what you are paying for when booking locations for your Autumn RV camping trip. Riverview Campground in Sand Springs features just the right amenities for an affordable rate, making for a stellar vacation regardless of the season.

Pack Accordingly

The necessities are the same for all camping seasons, but the clothes you bring likely differ significantly. In the fall, layers are your best friend. Though the mornings might be frigid, the afternoons can heat up. This switch makes a thick sweatshirt perfect for the start of your day, but miserable halfway through. Instead, pile on layers that are easy to remove as the sun heats everything. In addition, do not forget to bring a rain jacket! Fall means unpredictable weather in Sand Springs and almost every other city.

Along with practical clothing, remember:

  • Thick blankets
  • Durable sleeping bag
  • Tarps
  • Hot water bottle

If you plan on hiking during your Autumn RV camping adventure, bring appropriate footwear, safety supplies, and a water bottle as well.

Get in Touch with Nature on your Autumn RV Camping Trip

One of the best reasons to go on an Autumn RV Camping trip is the gorgeous foliage found around the country. Reds, oranges, and yellows take over the typical green landscape, completely changing the feeling of the atmosphere. Between the brisk air and crunching leaves, fall is the perfect time to take a break from the real world and spend a few days in the wild. First, find a site in or near a national or state park, then spend a few days getting to know the trails. Sand Springs is home to many gorgeous trails for beginners and practiced hikers alike.

But do not Forget to Enjoy What your Host City Has to Offer

Cities like Sand Springs and neighboring Tulsa are full of activities and features you will not find anywhere else. From a shopping center made entirely out of shipping crates to multiple fall festivals, you will find something you enjoy during your Autumn RV Camping trip to Tulsa and Sand Springs.

During your time in T-Town, check out the various arts & crafts festivals. With Christmas fast approaching, these events provide an excellent opportunity to pick out gifts for your loved ones.

Stay at Riverview RV and See the Changing Leaves in Sand Springs

Sand Springs is a destination you will not want to miss on your Autumn RV camping trip. Riverview RV is located along the Arkansas River and features several hiking trails to help you get your fill of fall. Also, our spot is only a short drive from Tulsa, meaning you can spend your days in the bustle of the city while also spending your evenings in rural paradise. We are open year-round and offer affordable nightly, weekly, and monthly rates to travelers, as well as a discount to Tulsa Welding students. To learn more about Riverview, visit us online or call us at (915) 245-8588.