RVing in fall opens travelers up to a world that does not exist in the summer. Towns like Sand Springs and Tulsa are painted gorgeous shades of orange, red, and yellow as the temperature cools down. As you plan for trips during autumn and winter, take time to consider the necessary gear to get you through harsh weather.

The Right Camper for RVing in Fall

There are multiple options when it comes to renting or buying motorhomes. From pop-ups to airstreams, it is all about selecting the best space for yourself. Each choice has pros and cons, especially when the weather is a factor. For example, pop-ups are more compact and easy to tow through Tulsa, but not an excellent option for low temperatures considering the canvas walls.

Fifth-wheels are more spacious and often include additional winter-proof features like insulation. However, the larger size means more space to heat, typically requiring a 50 amp hookup. RVing in fall means you will probably find a site in Sand Springs with a 50 amp plug. Once winter arrives, though, campgrounds fill up quickly.

Travel trailers provide a happy medium between a small pop-up and a fifth-wheel, and they also offer more protection against the cold than a canvas wall. Unfortunately, these trailers can be challenging on winter roads in cities like Sand Springs and Tulsa, and they do not always have helpful features for cold weather. Travel trailers are an excellent option for RVing in fall, but as the seasons change, consider a more durable option.

Prep your Home on Wheels

Once you select the best option for RVing in fall, there are more steps to take to get your vehicle ready for winter. To cold-proof your home on wheels, start by gathering items like these:

  • Foam pipe insulation and heat tape
  • A space heater
  • Antifreeze
  • Tire chains
  • Emergency equipment

Use the insulation and heat tape to insulate the pipes in your camper, especially those in the undercarriage. Pipes are vulnerable to freezing and bursting when the temperature drops, but the extra insulation keeps the cold out.

Antifreeze in both the holding tanks and added to other fluids in the vehicle stops the weather from putting a damper on your time RVing in fall. Frozen pipes and diesel do severe damage that can put your plans at a standstill and leave you stranded in Tulsa or Sand Springs. A space heater is another helpful tool to keep your holding tank warm, decreasing the chance of freezing.

Tire chains are not necessary early into RVing in fall but will become vital in later months. The added traction keeps everyone safe during the drive.

Finally, emergency equipment is never a bad idea. Items like a first aid kit, flashlight, extra food provide peace of mind during your trip and comfort in case of an emergency.

Layer Up for Chilly Tulsa Nights

Once your home on wheels is ready for RVing in fall, it is time to prepare yourself. The clothes you pack can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not you have an enjoyable trip. During autumn, cities like Tulsa and Sand Springs start and end the day with a chill, though the afternoons heat up. In these conditions, layers are your best friend. Pack items like:

  • Base-layers
  • Mid-layers
  • Light jackets
  • A hat
  • Warm shoes
  • Thick socks
  • Other things to keep you warm

Emphasize packing multiple lighter materials that are easy to layer. Layers give you the ability to add or remove them as you wish during your time in Tulsa and Sand Springs. Other essential items to pack for yourself include bug spray, sunscreen, and water bottles.

Stay with Riverview RV and See What Sand Springs Has to Offer

Tulsa and Sand Springs transform with the changing leaves, creating the perfect destinations to visit while RVing in fall. As long as you prepare yourself, you will have a good time. Make a reservation at Riverview RV and experience what these cities have to offer. Our facility in Sand Springs features amenities like hot showers and self-service laundry, along with hiking trails and a beautiful view of the Arkansas River. Just a short drive away, Tulsa provides the fun and bustle of the city, with unique features like Gathering Place. To learn more about our campground and how to spend your autumn with us, visit us online or call us at (918) 245-8588.