Tulsa is a bustling town in Northeastern Oklahoma, perfect for those who enjoy the rush of busy city life. However, with several unique activities you will not find elsewhere, T-Town has more to offer than a typical concrete jungle.

The Center of the Universe

Without a doubt, the Center of the Universe is the most mysterious of all the unique activities in Tulsa. What looks like a common courtyard is far from average once visitors step inside into the middle. A little concrete circle surrounded by a larger brick circle provides Tulsa with its own acoustic anomaly. In the middle of the ring, you will find any sound you make echoes back much louder than the original noise.

Many have studies the spot in an effort to understand how it defies the laws of physics, yet there is no clear consensus on why this happens.

Cave House of Tulsa

The Cave House looks like something right out of the Stone Age, yet here it is in modern times. Initially, this spot was built as a chicken restaurant in the 1920s. Rumor has it the facility also featured a hidden room and tunnels, turning the prohibition-era space into a speakeasy at night.

The Cave House eventually became actual living quarters for a variety of quirky individuals, and now serves as one of the popular unique activities to check out in T-Town.

Largest Praying Hands

While you will many “World’s Largest” spots throughout the states, travel to Tulsa to check out the world’s largest praying hands. At 60 feet tall, this 30-ton piece of art also serves as the world’s largest bronze sculpture. Crafted in Mexico by Oklahoma’s Leonard McMurry, the hands spent time at Oral Roberts’ faith healing facility in Tulsa. Currently, they stand along the entrance drive to Oral Roberts University.

BOK Tower

Many of the unique activities in Tulsa relate to architecture, and the BOK tower is no different. This structure stands 52-stories tall right in downtown, reaching 667 feet into the sky. Until 2011, this structure was the tallest building in the Plaines States of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and surrounding states Missouri, Arkansas, and New Mexico. It was designed by the same architect who crafted the World Trade Centers.

Admiral Twin Drive-in

Among the exciting, unique activities of Tulsa, you will find a retro scene that many people today have never experienced. The Admiral Twin Drive-in on Historic Route 66 features two 9-story screens showing double features every night of the week. With family-friendly movies and a full kitchen, this spot provides all the entertainment so long as you have a car and FM radio. Take your family out and show them how earlier generations went to the theater.


Another amazing feat of architecture, Westhope is one of the unique activities for visitors of this busy city who also have a love of Franks Lloyd Wright. Westhope, also known as the Richard Lloyd Jones House, was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright as a Textile Block home. The home’s namesake, Richard Lloyd Jones, was the cousin of Frank as well as the publisher of the Tulsa Tribune.  This dwelling is one of only three structures designed by Wright in Oklahoma, making it all the more special. Built in 1929 with over 10,000 square feet of floor space, this is a Wright wonder you will not want to miss.

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