When most people think of attractions in Tulsa, their minds go right to the Golden Driller and Route 66. However, for those artsy travelers, T-Town has many unique shops to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Here are some of our favorites:

Unique Shops with Something for Everyone

Even if you do not know what you are looking for, you will find it at one of these unique shops scattered throughout Tulsa.

The Boxyard

While the Boxyard is not a store itself, it is a market featuring 19 different vendors, constructed entirely of shipping containers. Thirty-nine shipping containers with 8-12 years of international travel came together in 2016. Many of the shops in the Boxyard are first-time small businesses, making this hub the perfect spot to keep it local in Tulsa.

Market at Walnut Creek

Just like the Boxyard, the Market at Walnut Creek is not one store, but many. However, this is where the similarities shop. Walnut Creek has a more traditional build and features over 100 boutiques and showrooms. Striking furniture and handmade jewelry are just a few items you will find at these unique shops. One of the most popular highlights is shopping while sipping on wine from Porron Wine & Bear Lounge, located inside the market.

Okie Dokie

During your trip to the Boxyard, stop by Okie Dokie. This shop features brands such as, with a focus on Oklahoma-themed shirts. For Oklahoma and Tulsa-themed gifts as well as other uncommon finds, Okie Dokie is the place to be.

Ida Red General Store

Ida Red describes itself as having “a lot if this and a lot of that.” Step inside one of their two locations, and you will find these words to be true. From apparel and home goods to soaps and Made in Oklahoma foods, there is something you won’t be able to resist. If you cannot make it in, don’t sweat it! Ida Red has an online shop just as particular as their physical locations.

Made: The Indie Emporium

Of all the unique shops in Tulsa, Made is where you will find the most handmade goods. Made features Makers, many of which are located right in Oklahoma. From grooming kits to local leather goods, each piece found at Made will have a hand-crafted touch that grows harder to find as time passes.

Artsy Eateries in Tulsa

If you need a breather between stores, Tulsa is also home to many unique shops that focus on crafted coffee and cocktails. Here are some of the most popular:

Soundpony Tulsa

According to their website: “WE ARE A BAR! WE ARE A BIKE TEAM! WE ARE AN ATHLETIC CLUB!…WHO ARE WE? SOUNDPONY!!!” What more could you want to know about this hotspot? Check their calendar for live music performances, trivia, fashion shows, and other special activities.

Rose Rock Microcreamery

Rose Rock is Oklahoma’s only microcreamery, making it one of the unique shops you will find. The  creative minds create unique flavors of ice cream from real, natural ingredients. This spot also offers vegan options, meaning there really is something for everyone.

Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown functions as a coffee shop as well as a platform for local artists and crafters alike. Their inviting atmosphere makes this spot perfect for a calm cup of coffee. Visit the shop to take a look at their local goods and check out the work by their monthly featured artist.

Hodges Bend

Hodges Bend offers locals and visitors an experience they won’t soon forget. With locally sourced coffee, hand-picked wines, and specialty cocktails, this spot is truly one of a kind. Check their calendar for their next specialty dinner and get your tickets before they sell out.


Valkyrie’s focus on serving quality drinks in a comforting atmosphere makes it a top destination for all. The menu is constantly rotating to give patrons an extraordinary experience each time. Along with carefully considered beer selections and boutique wines, Valkyrie also crafts cocktails from whole, fresh ingredients. After exploring the unique shops of T-Town, settle for a drink at this one of a kind bar.

Riverview RV Park

If you plan on visiting the many unique shops of Tulsa, why not stay somewhere that stands out as well? Located along the Arkansas River, Riverview offers a view with which many other campgrounds in the area cannot compete. Just a few miles outside of the city, Riverview mixes the calming beauty of nature with comforting amenities to create an enjoyable experience for all. With daily, weekly, and monthly rates, along with a discount for students of Tulsa Welding, there is an option for everyone at Riverview. To find out more about our park, contact us online or call us at (918) 245-8588.