While holiday traditions guarantee a good time, there’s nothing wrong with changing things up! For those spending Christmas in an RV Park for the first time, here are some tips on making the season merry and bright!

Winterize Your RV

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made while spending Christmas in an RV park is not prepping your camper for the weather. Burst pipes, freezing temperatures inside the camper, and leaks all create a recipe for ruined holidays.

Insulation is key for a warm winter! Check the seals around windows and doors, replacing if there are any cracks or leaks. Consider insulating your floors as well, or at least laying carpets to keep your feet warm! Thick drapes can help keep the cold out as well.

Take a look at your plumbing system next. If not properly heated or insulated, your pipes and hoses might freeze due to the expansion of frozen water. Utilize heat tape on connections and valves to add an extra layer of protection. Put a small amount of antifreeze in your holding tanks to avoid a frozen mess.

Don’t forget to double check the antifreeze levels in your engine! Check your batteries as well, and consider an engine block heater if you might experience below-freezing temperatures.

Winter camping is an exciting experience, but it is vital you fully prepare for your trip!

Check out These Spots Full of Christmas Spirit

If you have no destination in mind, consider spending Christmas in an RV park in one of these towns!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa goes all out for the holiday season, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy! Lighted botanical garden, thousands of square feet of ice skating rink, a drive through Christmas Parade, and so much more! Book your site with Riverview and get your jolly on!

McAdenville, North Carolina

This town takes Xmas seriously. So seriously, they don the name “Christmas Town” for the entirety of the holiday season. Though small, McAdenville is a cozy spot to spend Christmas in an RV park. Lights, festivities, and snow- what more could the classic x-mas lover want?

Christmas, Florida

Though a stay in this city won’t be quite the winter wonderland you would find in other spots, the town makes up for it with their love of the holiday!

Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus gets holly and jolly every day of the year! With features like Frosty’s Fun Center, Santa’s Candy Castle, and Holiday World; where else would you want to spend the season?

Don’t Ditch the Decorations

While RV storage is limited, Christmas in an RV park is not complete without decorations! Though getting your camper and site in the spirit might take some creativity, it’s worth it!

Lights and garland are two festive pieces that pack up small, but make a big difference! Both of these items are perfect inside and outside for an extra splash of joy at the campground.

Inside, consider downsizing your tree for something more motorhome-friendly. Whether that means a real live Charlie Brown tree or a sparkly pink plastic desk tree, you’ll have your evergreen (or pink)!

Stockings are an optional feature, but command hooks make for a simple display, and an even easier cleanup.

One of the easiest ways to add cheer without taking up extra space is with holiday linens! Sheets, blankets, and comforters cozy up the bedroom. Curtains, tablecloths, and towels add to the rest of your living space. Finish off with light wall décor and candles and you’re sure to impress Mrs. Claus herself!

Plan your Feast

Decorations and food are two of the most essential parts of a holiday. This fact doesn’t change just because you are spending Christmas in an RV Park! A proper feast just might require a little extra planning and a few extra kitchen gadgets!

If your holiday camping trip is short, consider prepping some dishes ahead of time to free up cooking space day-of. If you plan on heading out a while before feast-day, don’t forget about the many tools available at most campsites!

Outdoor grills and cast iron over a firepit create an exciting experience while adding delicious flavor to dishes. If these spaces are unavailable to you, there are plenty of crockpot and instant pot recipes to fill your table!

Christmas in an RV Park

Spending Christmas in an RV Park offers an experience like no other. With the right prep and planning, you could find yourself with a new holiday tradition! Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Riverview RV Park offers comforting amenities at affordable rates. We are open 365 days of the year, with fully equipped pads for all our guests! In addition, we also offer free cable and wifi access! To learn more about our grounds or make a reservation, contact us at (918) 245-8588 or visit us online!