In today’s world, many people are making the choice to leave sell their homes, and live full time in a camper. Working from an RV is the ideal way to go full-time in your home on wheels without having to save up tons of money. Here are some of the best jobs to have on the road:

1: Web Designer

This profession takes a bit of practice to get into, but it’s a great option for people who are creative and enjoy working with others. Being a web designer gives you a chance to make someone’s vision come true.

2: Writer

Unfortunately, trying to become an author on the road might not be the most lucrative idea. However, those with quick fingers and proper grammar will have an easy time getting jobs writing content for businesses! Whether you’re working on blogs, SEO, social media posts, or another project, there’s no shortage of work in this industry!

3: Transcriptionist

The perfect job for someone working in an RV alone. Transcriptionists listen to videos or audio and convert what they hear into a written format. Multiple industries require transcriptionists, from medical and legal and more. This job is ideal for people who enjoy a quiet environment and solitude.

4: Customer Service Representative

While this job doesn’t make working from an RV any more exciting than it sounds, it’s a steady source of income that pays the bills. Working customer service can be draining, but for those who only need to work part-time, it’s not a bad gig!

5: Graphic Artist

This position is another great option for those who love to work with others and have a flair for the arts. A graphic artist can work freelance, get a position at a design firm, or work directly for a business that frequently requires art. Working from an RV in the right environment is a great way for graphic artists to feel inspired!

6: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur” is a broad term here. Many people living full-time in their campers have started their own businesses to sustain themselves! Whether you offer a good or a service, find a way to set yourself apart from the competition and grow your brand!

7: Work in a National Park

This is a dream job for many people! While most people picture working from an RV to be an online or remote job, those who have the patience and are willing to go through training will receive the ultimate reward and views of a lifetime.

8: Bookkeeper

Working from an RV does not eliminate the possibility of being a bookkeeper! Remote bookkeepers work from home performing tasks related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, reconciliation, and more! Those with prior experience and a knack for numbers might find this an enjoyable form of employment.

9: Recruiter

Virtual recruiting is gaining popularity in today’s environment, making this job a popular option! Remote recruiters can work for recruiting firms, or directly for businesses, and do all the work when it comes to bringing in the ideal candidates to a number of jobs!

10: Blogger

Blogging is a perfect job for those working from an RV, but only if you’re willing to put some serious time and effort into it. Those who blog successfully do it full-time, and many never stop doing work to improve their brand.

Working from an RV in Riverview RV Park!

Working from an RV is even better when you’re set up in a good campground! Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Riverview RV Park is the perfect place to set up camp when it’s time to get some work done. Our pads are fully equipped with 30 and 50-amp connections, a 110-volt plug-in, and wifi for your convenience! Working with a view barely feels like working at all!

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