Proper RV organization can be the difference between a calm, successful trip and a chaotic, stressful one. With the limited space available in your home on wheels, it’s important to get clever and invest in storage solutions to help keep everything tidy.

Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to RV organization! For many families, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, so its important that this area remains clutter-free and usable!

To start, consider installing shelves in your kitchen cabinets for extra storage. You can install wire racks, or even just put up foldable shelves for a less permanent solution.

When it comes to storing things like baking sheets and cutting boards, setting up tension rods to make vertical shelves is a great idea! If you aren’t a fan of this method, consider investing in tension rods anyway. These rods work great in cabinets and fridges to keep food from sliding out!

When its time to look at the utensils and gadgets, and food-ware you’ll be using in your rig, keep these tips in mind:

  • A multiuse kitchen appliance, like those sold by Instant Pot or Ninja Kitchen, are great for camping trips! You can bake, air-fry, roast, and more, all with a single gadget.
  • Consider a magnetic strip for hanging knives and other metal utensils. Magnetic strips are also great for spice tins if you’re willing to invest! These can be hung up anywhere and save on drawer and cabinet space. If spice tins aren’t your thing, then hang clips to hold your spice jars instead!
  • Nesting bowls and pots are very helpful for neater storage. These containers all fit inside each other, meaning you only need as much room as your biggest bowl or pot!

To save countertop room, consider under-table and under-cabinet trays. These items are easy to install and leave you with clutter-free countertops! In-sink drying racks work great for this purpose as well. However, if you have a small sink, a vertical or over-the-sink drying rack is a great solution!

Tidying Up the Bathroom

There are a ton of ways to incorporate RV organization into your bathroom! The limited space makes it difficult for more than two people to stay neat. However, with the help of these tools, any amount of people can make a tiny bathroom work!

Over the door trashcans are a perfect way to not only hide your trash, but also keep space from being taken up on the bathroom floor. Speaking of keeping things off the floor, wall mounted towel baskets help manage multiple bathroom linens in a more space-conscious manner than a floor rack.

Even if you have a towel bar, consider the above option for storage, and use the towel bar, along with S-hooks, to hang baskets with toiletry items. Counter space is nonexistent, but hanging baskets solve that problem! Hanging toothbrush holders are helpful for this reason too!

When it comes to in-shower RV organization, there are a few ways to keep things neat. Hanging mesh shower curtains with pockets are helpful for keeping items off the floor. In addition, these pockets can help keep everyone’s shampoos, soaps, and other products separate.

If you prefer a simpler route, a wall dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, and soap is also a great idea! No mess or clutter with the bottles, just an easy to use dispenser.

Storage in home bathrooms is tricky enough as it is, but with the right gadgets, motorhome bathrooms can feel a little more spacious!

Keeping a Neat Bedroom

RV organization in the bedroom can be tricky, but have no fear! There are plenty of ways to keep this space feeling neat.

A bedside caddy is a great addition to any camper bedroom. If there is no space for a nightstand, your bedside caddy works just as well! You can store books, phone chargers, remotes, glasses, and some even store tissues! There are many styles and colors, so search for one that works for you!

If there’s room under your bed, consider vacuum bags for extra linens. These items take up tons of room, but vacuum bags seriously cut down on that. If you are really short on space, these bags can also hold extra clothes for you!

Depending on how many garments you plan on hanging in your closet, a hanging shelf might be a great RV organization solution for you. Hanging shelves have cubbies of various sizes that can hold anything you need, from clothes to shoes and jewelry.

Stacking drawers are another way to utilize vertical space in the bedroom. Small drawers work best for the space, but the ability to stack means there are tons of things you can use these drawers for! Cosmetics, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, or anything else you can think of!

Try these storage solutions out and see what fits your style!

Other RV Organization Tips

There are a never-ending amount of tips for RV organization in all areas of your rig, but here are the extra ones we think are the most helpful:

Use a hose reel to keep your power cords neat and untangled.

Stackable bins are a great way to pack items that can be taken out of your rig once you set up. From outdoor games to campfire gear, there are tons of things that can use a little decluttering!

Baskets are great inside and outside your motorhome. You can pick any size and style, depending on your needs. Baskets are a great and simple way to keep items together or out of the way. If nothing else, baskets can help you keep track of items!

A wall mounted shoe rack is very helpful when traveling with your family! Either hang it over a door or install it on the wall near your camper door for the perfect way to keep shoes together and off of the ground.

Installing a travel clothes line is another awesome way to save room inside your rig. If you don’t have a dryer, or just prefer to let things air dry, having a travel clothes line outside means you can set items up and forget about them until they’re dry. Just remember to watch for rain!

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