Planning a fall RV trip is one of the most exciting parts of the changing seasons! There is nothing more fun than organizing an adventure to experience autumn with your friends and family. However, proper preparation is important for a comfortable, successful trip. From the right location to the best camper setup, there are a few considerations to make for the perfect trip!

Picking the Right Destination

One of the most important parts of planning a fall RV trip is picking the right place to go! Nothing would be more disappointing than taking a trip somewhere that doesn’t experience the changing seasons. Similarly, visiting a location where autumn comes early would also be a letdown.

Luckily, there are many fall foliage maps to help you decide on the best time and location! From the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains to the Mid-West, each region has a peak foliage date range unique to its environment. When planning a fall RV trip, it’s best to pick your destination based on when you can travel, then narrow down what specific park you plan on visiting in the area.

Prepping your Camper for a Fall RV Trip

Planning a fall RV trip also means planning for cold weather! Some places are currently experiencing weather in the 40s, with temperatures likely to continue dropping. Without getting yourself and your home on wheels ready for the cold, your time might not be as enjoyable as you think.

An easy place to start is with your clothes. Pack layers, which allow you to add and remove as the day goes on. A first aid kit, sunscreen, and bug spray are essential no matter the time of year. Unexpected showers are no problem when you pack tarps, ponchos, and rain jackets!

What you wear is important, but outfitting your rig with cold-weather prep is too! Checking the seals of all your windows and doors for leaks is a great first step, along with putting up thick curtains for an extra layer between your cozy camper and the chilly outdoors.

An RV-safe space heater is a helpful tool to have on chilly nights, so long as you take the right precautions! This purchase requires a bit of research as there are many factors to consider and even more heaters on the market to choose from. You can buy an electric or a gas heater, a lightweight or sturdy one, one for a large camper or one for a tent, and so on! Efficiency and safety ratings are the most important features to pay attention to.

Another helpful investment comes in the form of a heated water hose! Especially helpful in the winter months, a heated water hose has electric heat strips running through the length of the hose. This heat keeps your water from freezing, which could cause damage to your hose and RV. What seems like an unnecessary expensive tool at first could actually save you money in the long run!

Best Autumn Activities

Your destination is set, your rig is ready to go, so what comes next when planning a fall RV trip? The activities!

There are so many things to do at and around your site in autumn, no matter where you are. From September through December, many towns have fall festivals and pumpkin patches to keep everyone entertained.

For those who prefer to stick to themselves, there are plenty of hiking and walking paths for all levels in and around most cities. There is no better way to enjoy autumn foliage than to spend your time outdoors!

Painting pumpkins, bobbing for apples, and making leaf art are fun activities for all ages that can be done right at your campsite! Making campfire foods like s’mores and hot dogs are especially nice when it’s cooler outside, and delicious after a day filled with activity!

Planning a Fall RV Trip to Riverview!

Don’t forget the most important part of a camping trip: booking your stay with Riverview RV Park! Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, our facility is the perfect place to set up and enjoy autumn. With comforting amenities like hot showers, walking trails, and fully equipped pads, Riverview works for all travelers! Whether you plan on staying for a night, a week, a month, or longer, our affordable rates mean anythings possible. To learn more about our grounds or book your site, call us at (918) 245-8588 or visit us online.