While a change to the traditional holiday plans can be too much for some, those who like to try new things will find that holidays in an RV are an exciting experience! With a few adjustments and some countertop appliances, your holiday feast will be just as good as always!

Is a Full Feast Too Much?

Food is a central part of holiday celebrations, so this is an important question to ask! The answer isn’t the same for everyone. If you and your significant other are the only ones celebrating the holidays in an RV, pulling out all the stops might be a lot of effort. However, if you know you’ll have plenty of participants at the table, the answer is no! A full feast is not too much, though it might feel a little overwhelming in the tiny kitchen of your camper.

Holidays in an RV might take a little more strategy, but it can be done! Check out these tips and recipes for a successful and delicious day!

Tips for the Holidays

Planning your menu in advance is a great way to organize for Holidays in an RV. Casseroles, pies, and other similar dishes can be prepared a day or so in advance, freeing up the oven for your turkey or ham! In preparation for this, make sure to empty out your refrigerator.

Try to take prep work outside to keep the crowd out of the kitchen. Folding tables are a worthy investment, especially since they double as extra seating for the big meal. Outside is the best option for a family meal, especially with a roaring campfire going on nearby!

If making dishes ahead won’t work for you, invest in a few countertop appliances, like a crockpot, instant pot, and hot plate if your camper doesn’t have a stove. There are plenty of recipes that utilize these tools to their fullest, so check them out below!

Recipes for Success

Spending the holidays in an RV is not a new concept for some travelers! Thanks to the hard work of these traveling chefs, there are a ton of camper-friendly recipes to use!

For turkey recipes that don’t take the whole bird, try:

Check out these side dishes:

And last but not least, holidays in an RV would not be complete without dessert!

These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg! Do your own research to find the best dishes for your holiday feast!

Happy Holidays from Riverview RV!

Happy holidays from our family to yours! Whether you’re celebrating the holidays in an RV or at home, have a wonderful time surrounded by friends and family! For your next camping holiday, call us at (918) 245-8588 or visit us online to learn more or make a reservation.