Campgrounds are usually full of kind and friendly people, but there are always a few who take advantage. This is why securing your RV is essential! After a long day of adventuring, the last thing anyone wants is to return to a rig that’s been broken into. Consider these tips before you head on the road for a safe, secure trip!

Park Smart

The first step to securing your RV is parking in the right spot! While rest stops and parking lots are a cheap idea and a quick fix, national parks and managed campgrounds are the safest places to go. These areas are patrolled regularly, well-lit, and many have gates to keep unregistered people out overnight.

Especially when you are not familiar with the neighborhoods you’re traveling through, stick with the safer options. If nothing else, a well-lit area with other people around is your best bet.

Once you park for the evening, consider leaving a light on in your camper. This lets unwanted guests know someone is home, which can help deter crime! Another option is to install floodlights at your rig’s door.

Interior Precautions

Securing your RV on the inside is important, as that’s most likely where your valuables are located. A deadbolt is a great place to start. Consider changing the locks completely if the rig is new to you. Window locks are an important investment as well. Keep your curtains drawn to keep prying eyes from getting in.

When it comes to your valuables, the best thing to do is buy a safe and bolt it down to the frame of your camper. Ideally, purchase a safe that is waterproof and fireproof as well for extra protection!

Installing an RV security system is another helpful step you can take for peace of mind, and on the off chance there is an incident. Many systems available connect to landlines and wifi, meaning you can monitor your system from your phone!

Securing Your RV on the Outside Matters Too

While having your trailer broken into is a concern, it is entirely possible to have your entire trailer stolen as well.

Fifth wheel and trailer hitch locks are one of the best ways to deter thieves from your rig! There are tons of options available online, and here is a list of the most recommended locks! A wheel boot is another option that will keep your camper right where you parked it.

When it comes to any gear and equipment you keep outside, chains or cables might be the best option to keep these things secured to your rig. Items like generators or plastic tubs are a pain to carry in and out every time you leave, so attaching them to your camper is the next best solution! If it’s something you don’t want to live without, put it away or chain it up.

Riverview RV: A Safe Spot for All Travelers

We never want to think about the bad things that can happen when we travel, but with the right tools, we can focus on the good! At Riverview RV, your safety is our top priority. Take care of securing your RV, and we will take care of securing our campground! Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, we provide the perfect mix of a calm, rural environment and the bustle of city life. Our fully equipped pads are available for nightly, weekly, and monthly rates for travelers, with a discount for Tulsa Welding students!

In addition, our founder Ray Tucker is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with over 40 years of service under his belt! Find safety and hospitality at Riverview RV.

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