With each season comes activities that highlight how different weather transforms what a city has to offer. Planning for spring RVing lets you discover what Tulsa features in the blooming season. Check out some of the most enjoyable and photo-worthy highlights here!

Take a Hike

Tulsa and surrounding areas are do not fall short when it comes to trails! Turkey Mountain alone has numerous trails that are very popular among beginner and experienced hikers alike. The red, blue, and yellow trails are all loops that vary in difficulty, meaning there is something for everyone!

Many easy hikes for families can be found inside the city, including the Riverparks East Bank Trail and the Mary K. Oxley Nature Center Loop.

For other exciting hikes outside of T-Town, check out Keystone Ancient Forest in Sand Springs, Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Catoosa, and the Jenks Aquarium Trail in Jenks. Whether you plan on staying for a few weeks or longer, you won’t run out out of hikes!

While planning for spring RVing, make sure to verify the locations of trails in relation to your campground. There is nothing worse than realizing one of the activities you have been looking forward to is actually out of reach!

Watch for Wildlife

Many hiking trails and wildlife areas overlap, but wildlife enthusiasts planning for spring RVing should pay close attention to these spots!

The Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area does not just have trails, they also feature two ponds and a variety of canopy trees like oak and hickory. The trails here do require a bit more effort than some of the paved trails in the city, so remember to alternate watching the wildlife and watching where you step!

Mary K. Oxley Nature Center: Butterflies, dragonflies, and birds, oh my! Many of the wildlife here prefer to keep to the skies, but reptiles and mammals are not uncommon.

Ray Harral Nature Park is a small, secluded area in Broken Arrow. This park features 3 miles of trails, pollinator gardens, and other engaging features that are perfect for nature lovers!

Check out the Local Flora

Planning for spring RVing should no doubt include a few trips to check out the flowers!

Once again, the Oxley Nature Center hits the nail on the head! Not only are there trails and plenty of wildlife, but the nature center is also surrounded by flowering plants that add a gorgeous pop of color during the springtime.

Philbrook Gardens is just one part of the Philbrook museums, but not a feature to miss! Photography, painting, and picnics are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in the gardens, just check out their FAQs for more specific details. Also, many areas of the garden are wheelchair accessible so even more people can enjoy the views!

Tulsa Botanic Gardens is a must-see! Botanic Blooms is the springtime festival at Tulsa Botanic Gardens and features daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and many more of the over 120,000 bulbs planted for the largest spring bulb display in the region. Schedule accordingly so you can experience this colorful wonder!

The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University is a bit of a drive west of Tulsa, but well worth it. This garden functions as both an attraction and a learning experience for some students at Oklahoma State University. If you cannot make it to this attraction, tune into the OETA, the Oklahoma Network, for an informative, research-based show, Oklahoma Gardening! This TV program features gardeners and their gardens along with beautiful scenes and helpful information for gardeners of all levels.

Riverview RV

Planning for spring RVing is not complete without a reservation at Riverview! Located in Sand Springs, our facility is the perfect spot to set up camp while still being within a short drive from Tulsa. For wildlife lovers, we offer peaceful walking trails on our grounds. However, we do stay up to date on technology, and also provide cable and wifi for guests in need! Our affordable sites can be booked at nightly, weekly, or monthly rates, and we also offer a discount for students of Tulsa Welding! To learn more about what we have to offer springtime travelers, call us at (918) 245-8588 or visit us online.