They say April showers bring May flowers, but no one ever says what happens in the rainy months after May! RVing in rainy weather is a much more exciting alternative to staying indoors and waiting for things to dry up. With the right gear and prep, any time of year is camping season! Check out these tips to help you plan the perfect motorhome vacation, ideal for the rain.

Safety First

Most safety tips for RVing in rainy weather have more to do with the prep than the camping itself. Start off with a safety check of your rig, taking a look at the tires for proper inflation, ensure all your lights work, including brake lights, headlights, and turn signals. Retract all awnings and slide-outs to avoid costly damages. Finally, check the seals of all the windows and doors. Nothing is worse than a leaky camper! If you know your trip RVing in rainy weather is going to involve heavy downpour while you are driving, check your wiper blades and consider a rain-repellant windshield spray.

Trailering Tips

An RVing trip in rainy weathers require extra caution on the road. Here are some ways to stay steady when taking it from point A to B.

As stated above, new windshield wipers, along with rain-repellant windshield spray, makes a world of difference in a downpour. Low visibility is incredibly dangerous for drivers, especially those in a big rig.

Take care when your driving. No matter what other drivers are doing on the road, take your time and go a speed you are comfortable with. Remember to allow extra room to break, keep your lights on, and pull over if you need to. Heavy storms often bring about strong winds, and these winds can cause big issues.

Must-Haves for RVing in Rainy Weather

Rving in rainy weather takes a few extra pieces of equipment to stay happy and dry. Luckily, most of the helpful gear is relatively inexpensive!

The simplest items to bring RVing in rainy weather are a tarp, a camping rug, umbrellas, and extra towels. Tarps are perfect for going over fires, chairs, and other equipment you want to keep dry, as well as under tents for those who plan on sleeping the more traditional way. A camping rug is very helpful to contain the mess and the mud you might track in after a damp day outdoors. Umbrellas can make walking trails in a gentle rain kind of nice. Extra towels are pretty self-explanatory and come in handy after the worse of downpours.

One of the best additions to a stormy campsite is a pop-up canopy. They’re great to go over picnic tables, or even just provide a little extra dry space for you and your family to enjoy. When it comes to gearing up away from the campsite, a quality rain jacket and water-resistant or waterproof bag are essential! It is hard to have a good time when you and all your belongings are soaked.

Riverview RV Park

There’s no better place to go RVing in rainy weather than Riverview RV Park. Located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, our facilities provide everything you need for a safe, comfortable trip. From walking trails to a beautiful view of the Arkansas River, Riverview gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature without feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Give us a call at (918) 245-8588 or visit us online for more information or to book your site. Pack your rainboots and come stay a while!