Riot safety while traveling is a newer precaution people must consider when taking a trip. Many cities, including Tulsa and Sand Springs, are seeing regular demonstrations. It is crucial travelers know how to make their way around these areas safely.

Do your Research on Demonstrations in Cities like Tulsa

If you have a destination in mind, find out what the conditions are like there. Determine if there are curfews in place, if businesses are closed as a precaution, where most protests are taking place, and now intense the situation is in the area. If half of the places you were hoping to visit are closed, you might want to consider an alternative location. Riot safety while traveling is an essential factor to consider regardless of where your intended destination is.

For example, neither Sand Springs nor Tulsa currently has a curfew in place. The cities have no specific guidelines on business closures, so call and check with local spots before your trip to verify their hours.

Avoiding Protests Means Avoiding Downtowns

Many protests are taking place in metropolitan areas, leading to blocked streets and traffic jams. If you are driving, steer clear of downtowns as they will increase your travel times. If you planned to spend the day downtown, proceed with caution. Pay close attention to social media and news outlets for information on where crowds are gathering. Some businesses in these areas might be closed, but you could get swept up in the crowds.

Luckily, many cities like Tulsa and Sand Springs offer activities away from downtowns, meaning those practicing riot safety while traveling can still have a fun trip without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Riot Safety While Traveling Means Having a Backup Route

Even if you avoid downtown areas, some demonstrations are making their way onto major roads. Not only is this a hindrance, but it also creates a significant safety issue. Both protesters and those in vehicles are at risk in these conditions. If you find yourself driving toward a large protest area, practice riot safety while traveling and find an alternative route.

Protesters in Tulsa have demonstrated on the interstate earlier this month, so keep an eye on the roads if you plan to visit. Conditions in Sand Springs remain relatively calm, as many people travel to T-Town for demonstrations.

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